Monday, November 3, 2014


I love those little moments in life that happen by chance. Call them sparks or connections or serendipity, but they seem important to notice and celebrate. One of those little star alignments happened this past week. 

I made doing donuts because I wanted to use up some special fabric left over from a special big quilt, but I wasn't sure what I was going to do with her. I hadn't listed her on the Etsy store, because I just wasn't feeling like selling her. I curled up with her one cold night in our new chair and thought that maybe this one I might keep. But keeping her didn't feel quite right either.  So, she waited. Then I thought she would be the centerpiece in the show I was going to have, but that has been postponed. 

Then one of those convoluted stories that life is made of, started to weave itself around her. Someone I reached out to in the course of some volunteer work read this blog and my other blog, saw the picture of the pickles, knows the pickle-maker (who just had a baby) and wanted to buy the quilt for the pickle-maker's baby. And to complete the circle, my intention when beginning floatingleaftinyquilts was to use any profits I might earn to fund environmental organizations. So, the check goes towards my monthly donation to the very same organization the buyer and I belong to. And with my donation funded for awhile, I can buy more pickles.

I guess that was what all the waiting was about, the stars just had to get in their alignment.

Actually, this fabric has resonant karma. The story of the big quilt made several years ago with this beautiful hand-dyed fabric is another example of lives coming together at special intersections. My husband's sister and mother hosted an exchange student from Sweden in the 1980's. The lasting bond of that relationship created another, in which our daughter went to live with their family for a year after high school. The big quilt was a thank you gift I made for them in gratitude for their love and care for our daughter.

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