Tuesday, July 29, 2014


In July, I was around the FLTQ tiny studio for just nine days. The studio storage is now in a cabinet in the apartment kitchen, and I did pass through the apartment. Not much time for playing with tiny quilts. I'm still in progress on the two orange-yellow-pink crib-size pieces. They're just not getting done. I did some fabric shopping on one of my trips (Portland OR), so had a chance to touch some beautiful fabrics, at least. Will be back in sewing mode in about two weeks...

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

a space

FloatingLeaf has been busy moving this week. Very little stitching has been accomplished. A few spike blocks completed, but nothing interesting to show.

There is, however, a new space to explore. There is ample wall space to display tiny quilts. I hope to hang curtain rods on some walls to allow a rotating collection of tiny quilts to share our space. 

This is the first space to play with. It faces the kitchen sink, a place I'll be spending some time. I'd much rather look at a tiny quilt than an electrical panel.