Tuesday, November 25, 2014

influences: Kaffe Fasett

Before the internet and all the moving around I've done lately, I used to collect books on quilting and fabric and art. Many idyllic hours were spent, cup of tea in hand, browsing through colorful pages dreaming of projects to do.

One of those well-loved books was Kaffe Fassett's Glorious Needlepoint. I loved looking at needlepoint patterns, tried a few projects and ended up hating it. There is nothing so boring as color by numbers with a slow-moving needle and thread. You know exactly what the design is going to look like before you start, so why even start? But his designs certainly were beautiful to look at. I would go back to his book and just enjoy the visual dance of his colors and shapes. His designs are a bit busy for my taste, but his ability to blend colors is the big draw.

One day I was in a fabric store browsing the bolts and came upon Kaffe Fassett fabric!  I hadn't been following his career path much since that one book, so missed all the hoopla when he started designing fabric. I treated myself to a yard of pink with circles.

Some pillows made back in the machine appliqué days.

Here's an example of some of his current fabric.