Saturday, November 22, 2014

seasonal colors

I love the change of seasons. We are currently moving from a gorgeous Fall to a crisp, sunny Winter.  Sadly, I don't do much skiing anymore, but snow season is still exciting to me. My favorite holiday is coming up next week, a day devoted to gratitude and food. This year my daughter and son-in-law-to-be are about to make it incredibly special, by celebrating their wedding amidst a small gathering of family and friends. But I digress....

I was going to ramble on about seasonal colors and change. Once upon a time, we had a dining room, and in that dining room was a simple, pine sideboard, and above that simple, pine sideboard was an empty wall. We lived with that empty wall for a long time, then one day we got a framed poster of an Adirondack lake in the peak of Fall colors, to hang there. Winter came, and the poster didn't reflect the change of seasons. We got a framed poster of some Canadian geese in the snow next to a big, black, bare tree. The lake poster went in the closet. Spring came, and with it came a poster of a huge, pink water lily floating serenely on placid water. The geese joined the lake in the closet. Breaking waves on a beach graced the wall in the Summer. At each Equinox or Solstice, the appropriate poster got switched out from the closet. I miss that change of the art with the seasons.

I've been thinking of some quilting projects that repeat some aspect of design, while changing colors seasonally. I envision the photos of the quilts being set into a nice wall calendar or some such. I've also been thinking of fashion, wearing my basic black-grey-white wardrobe with a touch of red in the Winter, hot pink in the Spring, yellow in the Summer, and orange in the Fall. That means three more pair of eyeglasses. It strikes me that these thoughts are starting to get a bit silly, but hey, it's all just playing.

This is what my seasonal tiny quilts will NOT look like - way too static, iconic and boring. This is ancient history, although I do wish I had some more of that grey print.