Tuesday, February 18, 2014

trip report - InCiteful Clay at Foosaner Art Museum

One of my favorite things to do while touring around is to visit art exhibits. We happened on the Foosaner Art Museum, a division of the Florida Institute of Technology, while in Eau Gallie. The current exhibit was called InCiteful Clay and consisted of 25 ceramic works curated into five categories: War and Politics, the Social and Human Condition, Gender Issues, Environmental Concerns and Popular and Material Culture. Two of the works stood out for me, both in the Environmental Concerns category (go figure). 

The first was by Paula Winokur, called "Global Warnings". The piece occupied the wall space in the corner of the room and consisted of many 5" orbs arranged in rows to form two squares facing each other. I forgot to count the rows, but there were a lot. The orbs were porcelain balls with interesting textures/fissures and some had handwritten notes discussing climate change facts and global warning quotes. I think I recognized some from 350.org, the organization I am supporting through monthly donations for 2014. I love abstract work, especially when repetition is used. Seeing this piece alone was worth the $5 admission.

The second was by Nuala Creed, called "Lament for Fukushima". It was a baby, about life size, seated in the lotus position in front of what first looked like a dark grey tree. It was not a tree, but a mushroom cloud. The baby was shiny, light grey with a red, dripping face, as if his eyes were bleeding. It was a haunting image, one that, for me, both evoked Japan's past horrors with nuclear damage and her future with the newly born generation.   

It was a well-curated exhibit with interesting, provocative pieces. Ever the art student, I felt lucky to have stumbled across such a find on a nice day out for a walk.