Tuesday, February 4, 2014

business cards

Finally (!) decided on a design. I was stuck for awhile, trying to cram a ton of contact information on the face of the card. Nothing I came up with was looking right to me.

After a fun shopping day at People, Places and Quilts in historic Summerville SC, we stopped for coffee at Coastal Coffee Roasters. Amongst the wonderful coffee, locally baked treats, and general cool vibe, they had a shelf full of business cards. Two of the cards on the shelf were for artists (a photographer and a potter) and they were square. Square! Of course! That's exactly what I wanted. Something symmetrical and unusual. 

Then I realized I didn't need all that contact information cluttering up the card. The point of a business card is to direct people to the very reason you have a business card in the first place. The blog address, my email address - none of that needs to be on the business card. Just Etsy. Single point of contact.