Tuesday, February 11, 2014


The lines between art, craft and decoration are often debated. Here is my rationale for the defining lines.

Art is what I'm attempting to make with my tiny quilts.  There is no practical use they can be put to and I'm trying to explore shapes, colors and composition when I make them. That seems like art to me. 

Craft is how I make them. The technique of appliqué, the manipulation of the fabric and thread, the sewing and quilting of the layers - those are all components of craft. 

Decoration, on the other hand, is the act of applying additional embellishment to an item of practical usefulness. Decorating things is fun. At least the maker knows the item will be enjoyed while it's performing its function. I've been working on a decorative project for the past month or two. It's finally finished and, while I enjoyed working on it, I'm looking forward to getting back to making tiny quilts. 

Behold! The embroidered dinner napkins for my aunt. A table runner to follow...