Tuesday, May 13, 2014

studio rules

(found in an old sketch book, from possibly 2005)

General goals:
1. Keep work area neat.
2. Keep works in progress accessible.
3. Keep number of works in progress small.
4. Keep fabric stash small and organized, especially small piece storage.
5. Keep fabric swatches current in swatch book.
6. Don't get distracted by silly projects like seasonal pillow covers, church committees and flower boxes!
7. Learn more about design, sketch daily!
8. Find collaborative group?

Number three has been modified since floatingleaftinyquilts began, in that I am trying to concentrate on only one project at a time. Occasionally there might be two in progress, if one is waiting for fabric resupply or some such obstacle, but I find it important to really focus and not have half-done projects creating clutter.

Hmm, about that collaborative group...

swatch collection, fabric details (color name, number, vendor) are written on the back