Tuesday, May 20, 2014

audio companion

I've found the perfect compliment to playing with tiny quilts. Sewing takes awhile, but this is the fun part. Spending hours sewing tiny appliqué seams and quilting around the finished shapes calls for some serious sitting still. The mind wanders... It can be good creative time, thinking about the next project. It can simply be relaxing time. 

Or, it can be learning time. 

I discovered the Design Matters podcast with Debbie Millman. I enjoy having something for my hands to do while I'm listening to an interesting interview and I enjoy having something to keep my ears and brain occupied while my hands are stitching. It's a win-win.

One consequence of listening is that the sewing speed decreases. I like to stop and look things up while listening. When Debbie is interviewing a designer, I have to search for images of the person and their work. The conversation often sends me along to additional resources and interesting things to follow up on. The sewing is slower, but it seems more fun to have something to learn about while pushing the needle in and out.

Seriously, check her out.