Monday, April 21, 2014

influences: Leo Babuata

For the past five years, I've been a devoted reader of the :zenhabits blog. For those of you not familiar with it and curious, start here.

Leo encourages readers to simplify their lives, to focus and to tweak their behavioral habits to improve their lives. It's basic and powerful stuff. Reading his blog has helped me make some serious changes in my life and become more courageous. I exercise more, weigh less, no longer eat meat, sold house and cars, quit my job, moved aboard the sailing vessel Red Ranger to explore, started FloatingLeafQuilts Etsy store and this blog.

Certainly none of these changes could have been made without the assistance, encouragement, and commitment of my partner, Captain Steve, but it is Leo I turn to for the personal kick in the pants.

I know that making tiny quilts is something I love. Selling them is entirely different matter. Seriously, they aren't useful at all, but making them is fun. But nothing ventured, nothing gained (as my mom always told me).

This post is particularly inspiring for me - The courage to startup