Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Big bed quilts are happy with borders. In fact, some quilts (medallion style) seem to be all about the borders. Borders look pretty good on a bed. A bed is viewed from different angles and a well-designed border enhances the bed shape. A border can be a quick and practical way to line up the quilt to make the bed, too. Some of my favorite bed quilts featured major borders. Borders are also great to use up smaller pieces of fabric left over from the main design sections.

Tiny quilts don't need borders. They exist in a stand-alone space without the need to depend on the structure of a border to hold them together. Tiny quilts are already made of small pieces of fabric, so the smaller unit of border piecing would become ludicrously tiny.  Tiny quilts are out there, just saying "Hey, look at me!".

"Catching drips" - 2013, 10" x 10", hand appliqu├ęd and hand quilted.

One of the quilts from my border-building glory days.