Sunday, July 28, 2013

Solid color cotton fabric, oh yeah!

Like everyone who plays with fabric, color is one of the visceral connections between eye and fabric. I want a little bit of fabric in every color. Just to look at. To line up side by side in little folded piles to experience the vibrations of the colors next to each other. Or just to focus on one color and go deep inside it.

I spent way too many hours the other night on the internet looking at fabric. The big fabric companies have my number. They sell stacks of pre-chosen colors tied up with elegant ribbons or rolled up like pinwheels. They almost look too beautiful to unwrap. There are also boxes with every color they make lined up like candy. I confess I am trying to find a way to win the lottery and buy them all.

Then I started looking at quilts that used only solid colors. I broke down and joined Pinterest so I could collect the ones I liked (NOT the ones that looked like rainbows, give me a break!). After looking at the quilts I chose and analyzing the designs in my sketch book, I realized that most of the quilts I want to make only use about 4-5 different colors at a time.

So maybe, just maybe, I don't need 250 different colors.