Tuesday, May 5, 2015


noun: greeting; plural noun: greetings
a formal expression of goodwill, said on meeting or in a written message.

I received a card in the mail the other day. This is a pretty unusual occurrence. It brought me joy on so many different levels. 

It was from a friends whom I haven’t seen in awhile and miss. They took the time to send me concrete good wishes on a speedy recovery from some minor surgery. I’d been feeling kinda low about how long it was taking to get back on my feet, and some long distance hugs were just what I needed. It was so good to connect with their lives and hear about mutual friends and good times.

The front of the card was a painting of some beautiful lilacs. Lilacs are special to me since they connect me to some happy memories of places and people I love. Just looking at the card sitting on my shelf makes me smile.

The back of the card really brought home some memories. The card was produced by a company that I used to sell for back in middle school. My maternal grandparents were nomadic and my grandmother was a voracious letter writer. She liked a particular brand of stationery and somehow I started selling the cards and notepaper door to door and at school, so I could get reduced rates on what I purchased. I was my grandmother’s main supplier. Along with her letters and cards, she would often include small poems, typed out on carbon paper.

This card also made me think of people in my life who might need a greeting in the form of some mail. I got out some blank cards I had made up for FLTQ awhile ago and got drawing. I even included a poem.

What goes around, comes around. Now, off to the mailbox!

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