Sunday, October 26, 2014

baby quilts

While artsy-fartsy wall quilts are great fun, sometimes I feel like making more traditional block-based quilts. And since the FLTQ studio has been upsized from a sailboat cabin table to the kitchen counter of a 1-bedroom apartment, I have a bit more room to make and photograph bigger pieces.

Today I sketched up the new FLTQ baby quilt series after a bout of gazing at the competition on Etsy at the coffee shop this morning. After finishing the first baby-sized quilt a while ago, I have been wanting to make some more. No particular reason, they're just fun.

Baby quilts are a great size to make, big enough to enjoy for a few weeks and small enough to be finished before boredom sets in. While I'm stitching, I can imagine a happy baby rolling around on the floor looking at the colors, smelling the cotton fabric, and feeling the texture of the stitches.

And maybe the Etsy sales will start skyrocketing once I crank out a few. Seems like a good project for now, since Winter is coming!

sketch, sketch, sketch, there's no end...