Tuesday, June 3, 2014

a tiny mural

Every once in awhile, someone actually wants a tiny quilt. Our daughter has a new house and not too many things hanging on the wall. This is sized to go on the wall space over the bed. Now she has one fewer blank wall to stare at.

This quilt was wicked fun to make because it used so many different fabrics and took longer than the tiny ones I've been making for awhile. It got me started on some other bigger projects. One difficulty working in this scale was that I kept having to roll the fabric sections so I could sew in the middle of the piece.  I can see the advantage of keeping individual sections small and then piecing finished sections together later. Oh, wait, that's the whole allure of a block-based quilt. From practicality comes tradition.   

We took some scuba vacations when our kids were teenagers. Our daughter took to the underwater like she was born there. I tried to evoke those underwater adventures with this tiny quilt. 

Sweet dreams!

"Underwater dreams" 
2014, 15" x 60", hand appliqu├ęd and hand quilted. Clearly, I don't have enough room on the boat to get a good photo.