Tuesday, January 14, 2014

why "tiny quilts for living small"?

Living small is one of the phrases referencing the tiny house movement. I have always loved small spaces: inside cupboards, under the stairs, attics, refrigerator box club houses, tents and trailers. Growing up with grandparents living in a travel trailer certainly encouraged my interest.

Several years ago, I picked up the book, Not So Big Houses at the library, and was hooked by the concept that by decreasing living space and possessions, it allowed one to focus on showcasing quality furniture and art, instead of the current popular focus on bigger and more.

I started following some blogs about tiny houses and find myself fascinated by the community that builds and lives in them.  The movement embodies the simple, debt-free, low-carbon impact lifestyle. See this neat infographic on who lives in tiny houses.

There are so many blogs devoted to the tiny house movement that it's hard to pick out just a few, but these are two to get you started.

The tiny quilts I make now are designed with tiny wall or table spaces in mind. I envision them brightening up a tiny loft or kitchen/living/dining space.

Picture a tiny quilt on these walls.

Image from the tiny life blog