Friday, December 27, 2013


A friend recently sent me a picture of the doll quilt I made for her daughter ages ago, back when our lives were full of toddlers and their dollies. I must have made a dozen little doll quilts with appliquéd hearts in rows for all the little girls in my life then. I indulged my imagination for a visit back to those days.

This one is a little less regular and less boring than the doll quilts of yore. Back then all the hearts were aligned the same direction, there were no dots and the fabrics were more randomly chosen to make it look like a scrap quilt. It's much more fun to make up the patterns as I go along now, instead of defaulting to a traditional arrangement.

I really can't get enough of dots.

"Dolly Hearton"
2013, 12" x 8.5", hand appliquéd and hand quilted

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