Tuesday, November 5, 2013


What is it about colorways that fascinates? My mother used to get wallpaper sample books for me when I was a kid and I loved cutting out the flowers from the different colorway pages. The same design rendered in greens, blues, yellows and pinks never lost their interest for me. I still love looking at the same designs in multiple colors, only now it is mostly fabric, not wallpaper.

Here is the Goldilocks pattern from a few weeks ago, done in some colors that remind me of my Grandmother's set of doll dishes. I played with the dishes when I visited her apartment in NYC and when she and Pappy moved into their travel trailer, she gave them to me and my sister.

If I sound like an old woman with all this reminiscing, perhaps that's the case, but color has always had a visceral effect on me and thinking about colors is like curling up in a sunny spot. Revisiting those sunny spots from childhood gives me joy. Color is joy in my heart.

2013, hand appliqu├ęd, hand quilted, 8.5" x 8.5"