Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Studio space

An artist's studio can be a playground. A space to fill with inspirational pictures, good music, and tons of supplies. I've seen many a photo of floor to ceiling shelves with sorted fabrics or yarns just begging to be chosen for the next new project. Large work tables fill the center of the room, one for fabric cutting, one for the sewing machine, and space to layout full-size designs. A large empty wall stands in to hang finished pieces for photographs. Sunlight streams through windows to light the area. Any one of those features would be part of an artist's dream space.

What if there is no dedicated room? What if the work table is also where meals are eaten? What if the light is from an 18" skylight and a couple of 6" x12" ports? What if the fabric storage is less than half a cubic yard? This is when "tiny" really shines.

Organization is key in a tiny studio. Here is the inventory for my tiny quilts studio:

1. a small tool box with scissors, needles, rotary cutter and all the essentials
2. a 45-pound industrial sewing machine stored under the companionway ladder
3. fabric, thread and batting stowed in zip plastic bags under and behind the setee in front of the table
4. an iPad and sketch books for inspiration and notes
5. a headlamp. I prep work at night that needs daylight to execute.
6. a cutting mat to protect the table surface
7. a zip bag with all the supplies needed for the current project

One project in progress at a time, only one.

The tiny tool box

The space behing the couch. Yes, the fuel filters and spare plumbing parts share the bin.

I'm so glad there is room to store the essentials. I'll use every inch of my dream studio, especially the open cockpit where I can sew on a calm, sunny day.